Admission open in ADCA Package(Package= One Year Computer Course+English Spoken+Hindi Typing+CCC)


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Welcome to CYBER INSTITUTE OF COMPUTER TECHNOLOGY, where our mission is to help you achieve what you want ! We partner with businesses to offer training and coaching that yield outstanding results: greater satisfaction, increased productivity, strategic career growth, and visionary leadership, CICT is a recognized institute offering trainings which is a productive aspect that guarantees students to get a career way towards success. We also team up with individuals through our unique workshops and personal coaching to help you discern your highest vision of yourself - then create the action plan to fulfill it. We support you, encourage you, and hold you accountable so that you reach your fullest potential and make a positive contribution while you're at it.
We dedicate ourselves to providing the tools and support you need to create a meaningful career and a purposeful life. We understand the challenges to pursuing work and a life that is fueled by passion, purpose, and contribution. Fortunately, we specialize in helping you build on your strengths and clear away the barriers that hold you back! Whether it's your vocation, dream job, or an authentic true-to-yourself life you seek, we can help you discover and fulfill your highest aspirations. We focus on giving students the training and education needed to develop the skills they need for a job. We take the pride of having best trainers having immense knowledge on respective area of specialization.